New China Diary

New China Diary
It's easier to update Tumblr with the amount of photos I have


Living in Shanghai for 1 year~

just to let you know
I did the show in Shenzhen
never posted pictures 
:D aren't I cool?

but I'm living in Shanghai now~
go read about that here:


Shenzen in Fall for Opera

I decided to go to Shenzhen this Thanksgiving as part of a US Opera delegation

My teacher was in China in April!

Pictures from his show

Video from his show

I'll be practicing The Drunken Concubine over summer while getting my TEFL certification and selling on E-bay for my parents ^^;
I am very nervous, very excited, and very happy!

Here's the e-mail that's got me smiling:

I am really glad that you can make the trip. Hope you would be ready for performing ่ดตๅฆƒ้†‰้…’ on stage. But for some reason, if you can't get ready, I still hope you can go with us. Shenzhen Cultrural Society will host the delegation and will guide some intereting sightseeings. And you can check out this fastest growing city (3 times the LA populaiton now I think) for possible teaching opportunities. Also we will do some off-stage singing with local fans (a lot of fun). What I mean is you don't have to feel pressured for the performance. We'd like you to be a part of the delegation anyway. If your parents are interested in going, they are welcome as well.
Not sure if I have told you that the trip will be during Thanksgiving week when a lot of us can get some time off. Hope it will work with you.


Chinese Painting - Brushstokes

Cun & Miao

Great website detailing differences between cun and miao brushstrokes



"Dear Elizabeth:

The Faculty Advisory Committee has received and accepted your Abstract, submitted for participation in the Fifth Annual Symposium for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity to be held on the UCR campus, Thursday, May 5 and Friday, May 6, 2011. Currently we are reviewing your abstract and accompanying information; therefore if there are any specific questions related to your submission, we will e-mail you individually to inform you."


HUGE Museums and Asian Art Research Guide

The following text is a research guide I did for an Art History class I have that looks from art dating for the Chinese Song to the Yuan dynasties. I looked through a few museums sites the specifically have major or impressive Asian Art Collections - and most of these collections are searchable online. I also looked for some scholarly journals that may have articles in them about Asian/Chinese art. If you'd like to look through it all, feel free ^_^ > > >

Blue Lotus Oral Presentation Abstract

*Here is my abstract for my oral presentation in May - I hope it is accepted - such a project would be a great experience and show of my accumulated knowledge from attending UCR ;o;


A Move 'Against Ostentation'

In China, certain words — like "Tiananmen Square" and "democracy" — have been politically sensitive for decades.

But that list seems to be growing ever longer. Now, words like "regal" and "luxury" have fallen foul of political correctness, and are being removed from billboards in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

But Beijing's attitude toward luxury is somewhat contradictory — only the ads, not the products themselves, are being restricted.

Read more here


My Tintin paper on accurate and racist portrayals in The Blue Lotus was nominated by my professor for the UC Riverside Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Symposium for May - I have to write up my abstract for it ASAP, and it'll be an oral presentation if it's accepted ^____^

More About the Symposium

My Selected Paper

Wish me luck!


Miss Tepler's Adventures: A Disappointed Star Wars Fan

Miss Tepler's Adventures: A Disappointed Star Wars Fan: "That fan is me. I am disappointed. I am not disappointed because I just remembered that I used to have a 'Star Wars: A New Hope' lunch box ..."

Whoa - Star Wars goes to Mongolia for costume ideas :D