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The following text is a research guide I did for an Art History class I have that looks from art dating for the Chinese Song to the Yuan dynasties. I looked through a few museums sites the specifically have major or impressive Asian Art Collections - and most of these collections are searchable online. I also looked for some scholarly journals that may have articles in them about Asian/Chinese art. If you'd like to look through it all, feel free ^_^ > > >

Elizabeth Paich
April 12, 2011
History of Chinese Art: Song to Yuan Dynasty

Paper Assignment Part One

List three museums in the United States that have substantial collections of Chinese art. Do these museums publish journals? What are the titles of these journals?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) in New York City, New York. Yes, they publish a journal titled Metropolitan Museum Journal, along with many other publications.



The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. Yes, they appeared to have had a journal publication titled Journal of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston – but there are no recent publications of it. They do however continue to publish other works too.



The Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. No, they do not appear to publish a journal. However, they do publish other works.


List three important Chinese art collections (museums) in Asia and three in Europe.

The Tokyo National Museum (TNM) in Tokyo, Japan

The National Palace Museum located in Taipei, Taiwan

The Palace Museum at the Forbidden City in Beijing, China

The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology (Ashmolean Museum) in Oxford, England.

The Guimet Museum (Musée Guimet) in Paris, France.

The British Museum in London, England.

Do these museums (in the US, Asia and Europe) have online databases of images that are open to the public? List what you could find.

All of the museums listed have online databases of their Asian and Chinese art that are searchable by the general public through the Internet. Most of the collections prized by the museums in Europe are of Chinese Porcelain. However, all of these museums house Chinese calligraphy, paintings, ceramics, sculptures, and other various art pieces that differ museum to museum.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met)


The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston


The Philadelphia Museum of Art


The Tokyo National Museum (TNM)


The National Palace Museum


The Palace Museum in the Forbidden City


The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology (Ashmolean Museum)


The Guimet Museum (Musée Guimet)


The British Museum


Try doing a search on Harvard Hollis Classic Online catalogue, Stanford Socrates, Melvyl, and the WorldCat (http://www.worldcat.org/) on a topic of your choice. Briefly compare the difference of results from these online catalogues.

I searched each site using the artist Gu Kaizhi.

Hollis – I got a list of texts and images (no actual images, just information about them) along with links the allowed to me check where the piece was located and its complete information. You are also about to adjust the search preferences with a preference bar.

Socrates – I got a list of different works with their complete information, but I had the ability to make a list of preferred references if I was collection a bunch of them.

Melvyl – I got a list of texts and images (with actual images, like book covers) and I was able to search through all the University of California’s libraries or search using the WorldCat engine. I only searched through the UC Libraries.

Worldcat – My favorite search engine – it searches a multitude of the world’s libraries and is very similar to the Melvyl site but with multiple ways to adjust the search in order to look for more specific pieces with a preference bar.

Explore UCR’s online databases. List three databases where you could find articles on Chinese art.

The China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database:


古今圖書集成 (Gujin Tushu Jicheng - “Ancient and Modern Books Collection”):

ARTstor Digital Library:


What are the most important journals of Asian art in the English language? List three.

Archives of Asian Art:


Archives of the Chinese Art Society of America:


Ars Orientalis:


Are there journals on the art/culture/history of a specific Chinese dynasty?

While there are multiple journals about happenings and art from various Chinese dynasties, I was unable to find journals specifically dedicated to single dynasties.

Describe three major methods you could use to find journal articles related to your topic. Compare the strength and weakness of each approach.

I can search through various museum websites to find out whether or not the museums publish journals with recent research based on hands-on-studies with the actual pieces – however, museums have to be fairly successful o be able to afford publications of their own research journals, so many museums often discontinue their publications or simple do not have journals.

I can use Jstor.com or other various journal archives to search for journals online – while this is an easy way to find journals, each site various on its level and variety of information available, and each archive produces different search results.

I can go to the University’s library and check out the journals they have available on campus – I can also order them to be delivered for checkout via the Internet. Sometimes though, the library can only provide limited resources on specific subjects, and ordering pieces to be shipped to a particular campus is time consuming.

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